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If you’re just getting started with developing a Customer Loyalty blueprint, need some ideas to get your team to world-class in Customer Loyalty, or perhaps you’d like to find out more about cutting-edge marketing solutions for your business, you’re in the right place! You can find out more about me here, but right now let’s focus on you and why you’re here!

Customer Loyalty Resources

Start Your Customer Loyalty Plan right here with Customer Loyalty 101

Every skyscraper, tower, or house never gets built to last without a strong foundation. Why would your business or practice be any different? If you and your team are serious about cultivating Customer Loyalty in this challenging, ever-changing “New Economy”, then this is your starting point – the foundation. book-cover-customer-loyaltyIf you want your FREE CHAPTERS of this #1 Best-selling book, click here. Get the entire Kindle eBook. It’s available on Amazon.

Customer Loyalty 101 for the Healthcare Industry – How to Stop Losing Patients NOW

I was in the Healthcare industry from 2001-2010. Because of the goldmine of experience that I have interacting with Medical Doctors, ARNPs, Specialists, RNs, Medical Assistants, Front Office Staff, Medical Billers and everyone else in between, Iwanted to Pay It Forward by giving back into this incredible industry.So I’ve written an eBook specifically for healthcare. how-to-stop-losing-patientsIf you’re a Physician (MD), ARNP, Dentist, Medical Specialist, ND, RN, Dental Specialist, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Healthcare Provider, Diagnostic Center, Medical Clinic, Medical Billing company or anyone who works in the Healthcare industry, this is a must-read if you want to learn and master the foundational principles that can take your medical practice, healthcare business,your diagnostic center, your business or your career to world-class. It’s available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook.


Customer Loyalty Blueprint – the eBook

Propel your Customer Loyalty to the next level– get your copy of Customer Loyalty Blueprint. It’s geared for Entrepreneurs, Service Professionals, Small Business Owners and anyone who knows that Customer Satisfaction is no longer enough…Customer Loyalty is where as Wayne Gretzky says, “the puck is going to be”. customer-loyalty-blueprintCustomer Loyalty Blueprint: The FAST-Start Guide for Small Businesses to Defuse the Delight Angry Customers, Amaze Merely Satisfied Clients and Win Them Over Into Raving Fans is the culmination of nearly three decades in several industries including Healthcare, Telecommunications, and the Petrochemical industry, and the result of working with hundreds of Customers, Vendors, Patients, Doctors, Attorneys, Accountants, on their Customer Care and Loyalty strategies.

Our FREE Customer Loyalty Bootcamp Video Series

I’ve put together a video series of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that I receive about Customer Loyalty. boot-campBut I’m giving you several BONUS videos of Should-Ask Questions (SAQs) that many entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and small business owners don’t necessarily know to ask. I’m not saying I have the perfect solution with my FREE Customer Loyalty Bootcamp, but what I do have are strategies, tools, and examples that you could customize for your own business, to help you start taking everything you’re doing regarding your Customers, Clients or Patients to the next level.



  • you’re tired of losing customers to your competition
  • you’ve had another client or patient leave your practice, you are sick and tired of having this happen over and over again, and you want to stop all this “bleeding”
  • you get a huge knot in your stomach and your staff feels that stress when you see another negative online review from an angry customer
  • you’re tired of your solid reputation getting tarnished permanently by damaging, scathing online comments
  • your staff cringes at having to solve another customer-related problem
  • you want your staff want to master the simplest and most effective way of taking care of angry or disgruntled clients
  • you’d like to build rapport with your customers or patients
  • you want to connect more meaningfully with your clients
  • you’d like to tap into the most powerful marketing strategy in the world, which is word-of-mouth advertising
  • you’d like to significantly boost your revenue
  • you’d like to thrive and not JUST survive in a Challenging Economy or ANY economy for that matter
  • you want a topnotch, World-Class Team no matter how large or small your company is right now,
  • then you’ve come to the right place!