“Every professional practice or small business needs a blueprint or a system to develop Customer Loyalty, because we now live in a world where your customers can comparison shop, or view your online reputation in seconds on their mobile device.”

~Jackie Morey

Jackie’s Bio

Jackie Morey is a nationally recognized Customer Loyalty Strategist, founder and CEO of Customer Strategy Academy.

She has literally helped thousands of customers, entrepreneurs, service professionals, executives, and companies both nationally and internationally from all ages, and a wide variety of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds

Jackie has over 27 years of experience serving clients from Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon.com, Deloitte, other Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to medium business owners, financial professionals, legal firms and healthcare companies.

She helps them achieve success in

  • Creating Raving Fans
  • Achieving Win-Win through Stress-free Negotiation
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Team Building
  • Revenue Collection and so much more

Happily married to her husband Jim, they have a son and a daughter who “make them proud” every day. They live in a beautiful Pacific Northwest suburb of Seattle.

What Others are Saying about Jackie

There are many who teach Customer Service and a few who teach Customer Loyalty. But if you want to reach World-Class level, Jackie Morey helps you get there.

Brian Bosché
Brian Bosché Founder & CEO of BeReadyMEDIA.com - Powerhouse Media Consulting

Jackie's considerable customer service experience combined with her professionalism and commitment to excellence make her an excellent choice if you are interested in moving your company to the next level in Customer Satisfaction. Her integrity and attention to detail will earn your trust. What she can do for your company will earn your respect and appreciation.

Michael Hartsfield
Michael Hartsfield President of Aileron Private Client Services

Jackie is a powerful customer acquisition force with both her extensive knowledge and her effective implementation tactics. I love working with Jackie because she pinpoints the weak points in my Customer Strategy while offering the perfect solutions. Every business would benefit from a thorough Jackie Customer-Strategy audit.

Bridgette Hart
Bridgette Hart CEO of In-House HR and Bridgette Hart Connections

Jackie is a creative business thinker and entrepreneur. Her broad experience makes her well-suited as a leader, designer and Idea Developer. If you need top notch C-level help, Jackie is your gal.

Greg Linnebach
Greg Linnebach Business Development Executive at TIR, International

Jackie Morey is an entrepreneur, excellent in areas of team building, problem solving, strategy, managing and coaching large and small groups.

Judy Reynolds
Judy Reynolds Executive Director at Future Business Leaders of America, Washington State

Jackie is a premier problem-solver and trainer in her field, producing unequaled customer service results. Descriptions such as, "Integrous, effective communicator, attention to detail and follow-through," come to mind in describing Jackie Morey.

Dayna Belcher
Dayna Belcher Founder of Transformed Living

If you or your staff are experiencing problems with challenging Customer issues, look no further! Jackie Morey’s expertise in training small businesses, medical practices and larger organizations to successfully deal with these concerns is incomparable.

Pamela Pollock
Pamela Pollock MBA, CPC, MA, Entrepreneur and Owner of “Pamela Pollock, LLC” a counseling and coaching practice in Seattle, WA
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